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Index of Sculptures

If the exact date is known for a piece, it is listed after the piece's name.  Otherwise, the date is listed as "unknown," even if we know the decade the piece was created.

Adeline Kiselewski, date unknown

Admiral David Glasgow Farragut,  date unknown

Alabaster Head, date unknown

American Defense Service Medal, 1939

American Defense Service Medal, 1939, Medallions

Aphrodite, 1926

Aymar Embury II, date unknown


Bamberger's War Memorial, 1947

Ben Franklin, 1962

Benito Mussolini, 1927

Bronx County Courthouse, 1931

Brookgreen Gardens, 1937


Charles Proffitt, date unknown

Charles Proffitt, date unknown, Medallions

Christ Prays in Gethsemane, 1932

Comforting Angel, 1932


David W. Peck, 1977

David W. Peck, 1977, Medallions

Dawn, 1979


Egyptian Statuary, date unknown

Emanuel Celler U.S. Courthouse, Brooklyn, NY, 1964

Equestrian group, date unknown


Faun Garden Design, 1926

Félix Martí Ibáñez, 1977

Félix Martí Ibáñez, 1977, Medallions

Female bust, date unknown

Female Bust with Miniatures, date unknown

Female marble head, date unknown

Female nude, date unknown

Female nude, date unknown

Female nude, date unknown

Female nude with draping, date unknown

Fountain figure, date unknown

Fr. John Gudzeck, date unknown

Franklin Pierce, date unknown, Medallions

Frog, 1951


Gaius, 1950

Gate Post, 1939

General Casimir Pulaski, 1931

General Douglas MacArthur, date unknown

George Fraser, date unknown

George Fraser, Portrait, 1928

George Rogers Clark, 1930

George Washington Carver Houses, 1956

Golden Plate Award, 1967


Harold Stirling Vanderbilt, 1965

Helios - The Rising Sun, date unknown

Henry Bacon, 1964

Henry Bacon,1964 Medallions

Henry Ward Beecher, 1964

Henry Ward Beecher, 1964 Medallions

Herbert Adams Memorial Award, 1964, Medallions


John Howard Pew, date unknown

John Peter Zenger, 1951

Joseph Kiselewski, bust, 1966

Joseph Kiselewski, Portrait, 1929

Joseph Kiselewski, Portrait, date unknown

Joseph Kiselewski, Portrait, 1936

Joseph Veach Noble, 1970

Joseph Veach Noble,1970, Medallions


Lee Lawrie, date unknown

Lewis and Clark Composition, date unknown

Loyola Seminary, 1957


Marble Head, date unknown

Medallic Sculpture, 1970, Medallions

Medallion, date unknown

Michael Rapuano, date unknown

Miniatures, date unknown

Moses, date unknown

Mrs. Albert Hopeman, date unknown


National Sculpture Review, 1960

New York World's Fair, 1939


Olive Emslie, 1922

Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1970

Oliver Wendell Holmes,1970, Medallions

Orpheus and Eurydices, date unknown

Our Lady of the Mountains, date unknown

Our Lady of the Rosary, 1926


Parkchester, 1940

Peace, 1960

Perseverance, 1968, Medallions

Pope Innocent III, 1950

Robert Joseph Pothier, 1950


Self Portrait, 1969, Medallions

Sinclair Lewis, 1960

Sketch for Monument, date unknown

St. Anne, 1949

St. Jerome, 1959

Suleiman, 1950

Sylvanus Thayer, 1966

Sylvanus Thayer Award, 1956, Medallions

Syracuse University, 1965


The Risen Lord, date unknown

Thomas Jefferson, date unknown, Medallions


U.S. Army Good Conduct,1942, Medallions,

U.S. General Accounting Office, 1951

U. S. House of Representatives, 1950

U. S. Department of Commerce, 1934

Unknown Medallion, date unknown


Water Baby Dolphin, date unknown

Water Baby Fountain, date unknown

Watrous Medal, 1962

World Peace, 1946

World Peace, 1946, Medallions

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