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Internationally Famous Sculptor Visits Home Town

JOSEPH KISELEWSKI, world famous sculptor from Browerville, is shown at the site of two of his pieces of work at the rock-constructed Garden of Geth­semane at St. Joseph's Church in Brow­erville. He completed and presented the figures of Christ Praying in the Garden and the Comforting Angel to the parish at its Golden Jubilee celebration in 1932. The picture was taken by Jim McCoy of The Browerville Blade while the sculp­tor was on a visit to his home town two weeks ago.

For two weeks past the Brow­erville area has been honored by the presence of a former resident who has achieved quite a meas­ure of fame in the world. He is Joseph Kiselewski, known to be one of America's foremost sculptors, or as many consider him to be, the country's finest.

The Sunday, July 16, issue of the St. Paul Pioneer Press car­ried a story on the sculptor, his

work and background. Parts of this story will be reprinted in the pages of this issue.

Mr. Kiselewski makes very frequent visits. to Browerville from his New York "City home…

Picture courtesy
Browerville Blade
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